General Terms

General Terms

General Terms

Our publications, this website and our services are owned and delivered by Tropical Funky Fish (AKA TFF)("Tropical Funky Fish meaning."our" "us" or "we".) unless explicitly implied differently, and are operated and controlled from the United Kingdom and are accountable to these terms and conditions.

The main place of business for TFF is The Old Stables Wales United Kingdom NP254PS

The particular terms and conditions, your use of this website , our publications, our services and supplies are governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of the UK.

By using the website, you ("viewers", "customer",“readers”, "user", "buyers","users", "visitors") Accept and agree that the:

Copyright in the content in any of our publications and this in print on our website is owned by Tropical Funky Fish, (hereby known under the acronym "TFF"), or under agreement from a copyright owning associate, or under other rights you have granted us. 

All rights are reserved and are protected by copyright, database, architecture, and other rights. The content (“Our Content”) of our publications, apps and websites includes blogs, testimonials, written articles, Vlogs, podcasts, radio and TV interviews, editorials and listings, advertising and comments, reviews, photos, videos, sound, data and any material that users of our services or readers of our publications donate.

By supplying or making available content, you agree that you have the right to allow us to use the material, and your authorisation of rights does not transgress other rights. You may not tweak, rework, adjust or customise, publicise, broadcast, distribute, take part in, engage in the transfer or transaction of, create plagiarised works, or in any way derive benefit from any of Our (TFF) Content in whole or in part without the prior written agreement of Tropical Funky Fish. All permitted copying, redistribution or publication of Our Content, shall require the user to agree that there shall be no changes in or deletion of author attribution, trademark legend, copyright or other rights notice and shall include links to this website.

Independent people, corporations, an institution, group(s), establishments, organisations who  impart, supply, or make content available including advertisements, comments, reviews, photos, videos, data or any other material, via the website or via means of a post, contact form, email, ftp, url or other method, award us rights under these terms and conditions except to the extent an agreement or variation signed by both parties has been invoked.

Information provided to us as part of a list which may include names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses for points of contact for future or near time events or venues, and users who supply event or venue information including images are not subject to the Privacy Policy herein, and is managed as business contact data. In order to ensure the accuracy and completeness of our data, we may periodically communicate with such contacts. In the event, you wish to update any such data or remove it so as to cease receiving updates on products, events we may host, special offers or discounts we may want to announce as well as service communications, link updates articles blogs, etc, 

Follow our Updates for this event and Update this "placed link" on the page on which your details are published to request the change. We are maintaining for posterity a collection of information on all the events, including this business contact data and essential details of users directly connected with providing it.

The contact data, and in particular business email addresses are offered to us exclusively on the  basis of assisting clients with customer service matters and other activities as indicated. 

You agree not to compile any contact or email lists nor to use such addresses for marketing any product or service.

The permitted re-use of content through API, RSS, widget or other supply or feed mechanism that may from time to time be offered on the website or otherwise, unless covered by another written agreement with TFF, are subject to all terms and conditions herein. 

In particular such permitted re-use shall be subject to ensuring that no changes in or deletion of the writers characteristic trademark, legend, or copyright or other rights notice shall be made. 

You will consider the risks involved in using any content and accept that, notwithstanding the website testing and fine adjustments we have undertaken, that the use of a supply or feed mechanism in any form may have an adverse impact on the speed of your device or web site.

You agree to use the RSS or widget(s) only to provide summaries, each with a functional link to the associated item on our website that shall display the full content immediately (e.g., no jump pages or other intermediate pages or  interstitial spaces). 

You advocate compliance not to enclose or otherwise administer an application used to access and view a website window (if any) in which our compositions open, including inhibiting the area or location of such opening. TFF reserves the right to adjust, change or remove any services/business without notice and provides no service level compliance or agreements for swiftness, the activity is stopped or a measure of a system.

When we may find that a feed system is assigning to much stress on the system, we reserve the right to withdraw the service.

TFF is the registered trademark of Tropical Funky Fish. The names, images photos and logos describing "Tropical Funky Fish" (TFF) and its goods or products and services are property rights and marks "TFF", "Tropical Funky Fish" and/or may be the title property marks of third parties. 

Any use made of these marks without obtaining permission may be a violation of rights in those marks and TFF reserves all rights to prosecute such rights.

We hold rights in the following marks Tropical Funky Fish, the data and associated logos.

TFF supplies the content in sincerity but no guarantee or description is given that the content is precise absolute or contemporary. 

Any use of content on the website is at your own risk.

No liability is accepted for computer viruses and other malicious programs in connection to this site will be transmitted via public networks, and TFF makes no guaranteed representation that the operation of this website will be uninterrupted or error-free, and disclaims all liability in respect thereof.

This website contains links to other websites, including booking links. Tropical Funky Fish (TFF) is not responsible or liable for any material supplied by or contained on any third party website which is linked from or to this, or any use of personal data by such a third party. 

The inclusion of any link on the website does not imply endorsement by TFF of the website linked to us and TFF offers no guarantee or liability for the efficient operation of these sites. Access to linked third party websites is at your own risk. Please note that these Terms and Conditions apply solely to this website and not to any linked or other third party sites.

TFF keeps track of the number of visitors to its website, which pages they visit and how long they stay on that particular page. We also gather information from visitors, including click data on advertisements, so that we are able to quantify customer interest, modify the appearance, and otherwise cater our service. We will inform advertisers and partners about the number of visitors their advert has generates and other user actions

These terms and conditions may be changed from at any time. Continued access or use of the website and service by you will establish you accept any changes or alterations to these terms and conditions.

By using this website and our services, the customer/user serves and guarantees that the user will not use the service in any approach that would breach these Terms and Conditions or any third party's copyright, intellectual property, or other rights. Any infringement or violations or possible/potential contraventions should promptly be reported by the user to TFF using our contact form.

Copies, re-prints, commercial access.

Tropical Funky Fish may supply content to external organisations. All enquiries related to commercial reuse should be addressed to Tropical Funky Fish.

Comments and reviews

Our reasons for the website to have a comments review sections are to establish the exchange of information and opinions about the items products, subjects, topics that we publish.

Users submitting Comments are requested to follow our rules and must adhere to, and obey the the rules and the law of the land covering these rules. This will enable contentions and reasoning to be of a hearty fresh abiding healthy part of such exchanges and discussions on products and opinions.

The rules governing comments, good grace, respect t and civility for others, the presentations and reviews.

Comments should only be about the subject on the website, and on kept on topic. 

There should be no inappropriate behaviour or deviation from the subjects and no personal attacks or comments about others, or against other users, members, individuals groups, other clubs, other forums, associations, institutes and businesses or similar or the website owner and other website owners.

You must not use swear words or degrading or indecent forms of communications or make other demeaning comments, about and too other users, members, groups other clubs, other forums, associations institutes and businesses or similar or the website owners and other website owners, or make the use of CAPITAL LETTERS as this is implied as "Shouting" at someone and is unnecessary and of an antagonistic and disruptive behaviour in reply to others.

Please respect other users

Submit posts of good value that are a well commentated and presented written opinions and comments: TFF reserve the right to remove unsuitable and inappropriate posts, views and comments, that are not within the governing rules covering good grace, respect and civility to and for others and good presentations

Users comments should not submit URLs that are directly applicable  or inappropriate to the place or event. 

Inappropriate commercial or spam-orientated submissions will not be tolerated and be removed.

Users should not submit posts that could be of an offensive nature and intimidate others on regarding their sex, race, gender disability, or  sexuality.

Users must not submit anything that is inappropriate, improper, obscene, pornographic, gross, and is outrageous. 

Poster/users must not use threatening, menacing, or abusive comments or views. 

Users must not submit anything that will infringe confidentiality or commonly known as a "breach of confidence".

Users must not make comments that will identify a person or property that places them/it in a discriminatory manner.  

TFF reserves the right to, and without notice remove comments that may be or is deemed to defamatory and possibly libellous

Users must not submit information or content which is deemed the copyright of a third party.

TFF has the legal right to  make changes or remove comments without cause.

By your use of the comments box, you the user has given your permission to TFF, at its attention to decide that a breach of these rules shall be deemed a breach of our terms and conditions of use of the website.

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