Lighting for tropical and cold water fish can be provided by the screw-in type incandescent light bulbs. (Incandescent meaning is to give off heat)

Fluorescent tubes are more effective, and use much less electricity. The tubes put out less heat than the standard light bulbs

LED lamps are more often used nowadays and are generally the most efficient lighting source for an aquarium

High-intensity compact fluorescent bulbs are sometimes use to encourage the growth of aquatic plants, but these aquarium lights do stimulate algae growth.

If you live not too far away in say Tewkesbury Ledbury Gloucester or Malvern, you can buy fish tank lighting and other items online and have these delivered to your address, or  you may decide to have a bit of a day out and on the way to our shop, observing the scenic views  of the Wye valley and the river Wye in Tintern.

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